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Unique Wooden Products – Matija Hiršenfelder s.p.

I have been involved in wood making ever since early childhood. In the begining my work was mostly designed from random materials that were at hand, but the the peculiar smell of each and every wood species has completely consumed me and I embarked on a great discovery of their distinction. Childish curiosity took me on a jurney from simpler to ever more complex forms. After being my main extra curriculum activity, wood patternmaking become my main preocupation in the continuation of my studies in the secondery school, where I trained in woodturning and woodbinding. After the apprenticeship I have worked in the field for 10 years during when I grasped all the necessary technological knowledge. With the expertise grew also the desire for independent research and creativity, therefore I began to mainly focus on products for complex constructions and textural features that I mostly discover in local Slovenian wood species. A special place in my relation to wood is reserved for products of arts and crafts, that represent the essence of handicraft and are the link between past and future that we are mutually creating.